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Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Floor Sanding Slough

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Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in Slough Floor Sanding


Transform your wooden floors!


Great Floor Sanding & Finishing in Slough Floor SandingSlough has become a modern technology-driven town but the woodlands of the Chilterns and nearby Burnham Beeches provide a reminder of the importance of timber for domestic and commercial building.

Despite the choice of modern building materials, wood remains popular today, particular in floors. Wooden floors are unrivalled for beauty, hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance. A polished and immaculate wooden floor is an asset to any property - at home or in commercial premises.  

So if your floor has become battered, tired, scratched or worn - or its potential charms are covered in carpets - choose the modern solution. Floor sanding and sealing is a process that can transform the saddest floor into a prime feature that will enhance your home or business. Whether the floor is old or new - parquet or boards - this is a job for the experts. Floor Sanding Slough work throughout Slough and SE Bucks on all kinds of wooden floors.  We use the latest equipment, are friendly and efficient and give you the best advice for your new floor.

The promise lies in the name - you can trust us to work to the highest professional standards.


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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Slough Floor SandingWhat Is Floor Sanding ?


Floor sanding involves the careful removal of old sealant and repair of the damaged surface to restore the beauty of the wood. 

We can sand any type of wooden floor, old or modern: herring bone, parquet, finger mosaics, laminates, wide oak boards..
The standard sanding process consists of three stages: a rough, medium and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards to leave a high quality finish.




Teresa Porter

Floor Sanding & Finishing services by ( from) professionalists in Slough Floor Sanding


“A big, big thank you for all of your brilliant work. When we decided to have our floors sanded, we were very concerned because we didn’t want this to create a lot of dust and mess, as we have some rather precious family heirlooms. We shouldn’t have worried because hardly any dust was generated. I don’t know how you did it! The nails which were sticking out of our floorboards could have caused a lot of pain if we stood on them but, because your team knew exactly what they were doing, this is not a problem any more because they were removed and the finish was flawless. As our sanding was completed on time, the quote which you gave us was also very reasonable as well. We’ll be passing on your details to our friends who want their floors sanded.”



Sarah Souter

Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Slough Floor Sanding


“When we decided to varnish our floor, I didn’t know how long it would take or how tricky it would turn out to be! Me and my wife really wanted a showcase dining room which had the ‘wow’ factor. However, the week that I had booked off from work was not long enough because our dining room is massive. I realised I'd bitten off a bit more than I could chew, so we contacted Andrew and his team and they did the work for us. As they knew exactly what they were doing, I didn’t have to take further time off from work. So, we can now both go on that holiday which we’ve been planning for months. Thanks to your help, I won’t be spending my holiday on my hands and knees covered in dust and varnish! Great work once again.”



Steve Philips

Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in Slough Floor Sanding


“The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in between the floorboards, but the colour throughout wasn’t constant. As we can’t afford to have carpets because our small children keep spilling their food and drink, we decided to remove our carpet and have wooden flooring instead. That’s when we decided to contact you because you were personally recommended by my step-parents. To say that I am impressed with the work is an understatement. I am amazed at the quality of the work which you have done for us. Now, our floorboards look fantastic, especially as the same colour is apparent throughout, they're 'spill-proof' and even the introduction of a new puppy into the family hasn't dulled their shine! Thanks for a great job!.”




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Latest News, Recommended Articles & Tips

Are wood floors and children a good mix? 

A wooden floor adds a touch of beauty and class to any home. For the wow effect when you walk in, it can’t be beaten. However, many people think that wooden floors are not a practical option when bringing up a family. The possibility of scratches and scuffs on a pristine wooden floor means that parents with young children often opt for carpets or another type of covering instead.

While some of these fears may be grounded, here’s why you shouldn’t discount having a wooden floor if you are a parent.


Real samples of floor sanding projects in Slough Floor Sanding

Do wooden floors scratch easily?

It’s true that wooden floors can get scratched. However, all types of different flooring will show wear and tear over a period of time. The great thing about wooden flooring is that it is really easy to repair should this happen. 

Light scratches

Wood flooring scratches are not normally in the wood itself, but in the finish. This means that a simple refinishing process is all that is needed to make the floor look like new again. A maintenance coat is put down with the finish gently abraded, followed by an application of a new coat of finish. It is a simple wood floor repair, leaving the floor looking like new again.

Deep scratches

If you are unfortunate enough for your floor to suffer a deeper scratch which penetrates the wood itself, don’t panic – it can still be repaired. However, you will need to call in a professional for this type of wood floor repair. Only the scratched area and the area immediately around it will have to be removed and a new coat of finish put down, bringing the floor back to its original beauty.

Outstanding pictures for floor sanding in Slough Floor Sanding

Protecting your floor

The simplest and most effective way to protect your wooden floor is to put down some great looking rugs. Try matching the rugs to your colour scheme to make the room look extra special. 

While many other types of flooring often need replacing every few years, a good quality wooden floor is extremely hard-wearing and can last for hundreds of years. 

If you have young children and are thinking of replacing your flooring, don’t discount a wooden floor – it could be the best choice you make. 

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